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Tarot by Number (& Suit) by Jill Scott Now Available!!  Buy Here: Tarot by Number 

This website and The Tarot Marketplace Facebook group are excellent free marketing opportunities for all deck sellers and creators. If you would like to donate to help defer the cost associated with this site please use the donation button below. 

The Tarot Marketplace is a premier Facebook Group where artists and sellers meet buyers and collectors. 

Whether you are looking for a self published deck, used deck, collectible or mass marketed deck; you will find many here to choose from, offered directly from our sellers. Tarot Marketplace is a free group for both sellers and buyers. There are no membership fees, no selling fees and no purchasing premiums. Artists and sellers post direct links to decks for sale, tarot related art and jewelry and tarot related crafts and literature. We also have a directory of the most talented tarot readers in the business offering their services.  If Lenormand is your preference, we offer all of the above for Lenormand and Oracle decks as well.  Come and join us!  Buy, sell and promote your work in the Tarot Marketplace!


White Magic Tarot Spell Cards are Now Available!!  Please visit to view and purchase. 

The idea for the Tarot Marketplace was born because I am a deck creator and self-publisher, and most tarot groups on Facebook frowned upon advertisement. Knowing that I and my fellow deck creators had to get notice of our work to the specific community for which it was intended, I created the Tarot Marketplace and advertised it in both creative circles and deck enthusiast circles (because having sellers only works if you have buyers, too). Now we are almost 7,000 members strong! This is the #1 best place to go on Facebook for promoting your deck & doing a bit of shopping as well. We are not limited to self publishers. Traders, used deck sellers and mass publishers are also welcome. Come and see the wonder of it all.   --Jill Scott, Founder of  Tarot Marketplace


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